The prime driver 

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Per Stobbe

Yes, I am the visionary inventor and product initiator with +30 year experience within porous materials, material sciences, fluid mechanics, separation system, electronics, solar power, biotechnology. Since 2010 in particular advanced up-stream process equipment for the bio pharmaceutical industry.

I have created a fair amount of technologies benefiting humanity and many patents supporting 500 jobs. My inventions have improved the life for millions of people. For my work I received the EU Descartes Prize 2006 for outstanding research.

One of my biggest achievement and goal in life is continuously to inspire. In particular the increasing amount of wonderful people I am lucky to see being the ever-growing Stobbe Group within productions equipment for the pharmaceutical industry since 2007.

Many have inspired me through the years:

  • Haldor Topsøe (1913-2013) who had a great impact on Danish industry, our chemical world and with whom I became friends. He inspired with passion the thousands of employed since he started his company in the 1940ties right until he passed away 100 year after his birth!
  • George C. Marshall (1880-1959) was a great statesman though even a military man, that never voted, he won the peace through WW2. He inspired USA to financially create the Europe (known as the Marshall Plan - over 4 years 100 billion USD 2018 value) we now all live in and benefit from - for which he received the Nobel Peace Prize.
  • Spencer Christian Sorenson (1945 – alive) became my inspiring professor at Danish Technical University in 1984 studying Mechanical Engineering. Spencer has all through his life expressed a wonderful culture and behavior helped numerous people further on in their life. Both via his work at DTU and as chairman of The International School in Denmark. A couple of years ago he finished the book of his life “Internal Combustion Engine Principles – with Vehicle Applications” – now available on Amazon. Spencer is my long time dear friend.
  • George Westinghouse (1846-1914) was a true inventor and industrialist. A true role model which is missing today. Good, tolerant, helpful to all and certainly not driven by greed and money. Took exceptional good care of all his employees even supplying a home for all. He was keen on safety and the first US factory owner who gave half Saturday off for free.