Liquid filters

We spend years here developing it all !

As to the invitation from Robert Goldsmith from CeraMem, Waltham, Massachusetts, USA in 1997 we entered the world of ceramic filters for particle separation from liquids. The collaboration was divided so my LiqTech company 1997-2002 took care of the development of giant multi cell black SiC non-oxide ceramic material carriers 5,66 x 34 inch (144 x 864 mm) as replacement of the similar size Corning white Cordierite oxide ceramic material carriers. CeraMem took care of the oxide ceramic membrane cast onto the SiC carrier.

Such big SiC monolith had never been designed, developed or manufactured before - by ANY. Our little company LiqTech succeeded this enormous task when LiqTech was 100% mine.


We managed and produced hundreds of these giant ReSiC carriers for CeraMem. This was all screwed up when I accepted investors into LiqTech in 2002. One of many big mistakes in my life! I sold my shares and left my own LiqTech in 2004 to recover. - aggressive, but financially successful company


Per Stobbe

Download files of work from before 2002.